The Texas Optometry Board is a black hole for complaints filed by injured patients. The board continues to try to extend its power while doing little to protect the public. The board is nothing more than a band of Governor Rick Perry's hand picked political puppets used to further his political agenda and prevent medical malpractice lawsuits in support of Governor Perry's 2003 tort reform. Tort reform in Texas has created a dangerous environment for the public and  a goldmine for doctors who now have little risk of being sued for medical malpractice. Politics and medicine do not mix.

If the Texas Optometry Board has failed to protect you or to adequately investigate and resolve your complaints, please send information to the Sunset Commission at

The Sunset Commission is responsible for evaluating the need for state agencies and making recommendations regarding their operations. Complaint information is useful to the Sunset Commission as it indicates a larger problem in the operations of an agency, such as the Texas Optometry Board, that may need to be addressed. The Texas Optometry Board will be subject to Sunset review in 2017.

You should also file a complaint with the Attorney General Consumer Protection Department (CPD) at

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