Just more misleading information and lies. Like most people who wear glasses or contact lenses, I too interpreted 20/20 vision as "Perfect vision". Now like many post LASIK victims, I know that a person can have 20/20 visual acuity in good lighting, yet experience debilitating vision disturbances in dim conditions such as halos, starbursts, double or multiple vision, glare, etc. You can even have many of these issues during the day as I do. Visual acuity is not a valid indicator of vision quality. Side effects such as dry eyes, halos, glare, and starburst are often presented as minor or non-vision threatening side effects. This is not the case for many patients. Many of these side affects are debilitating. Oh, and they forgot to mention severe depression and PTSD, two very common side effects of a poor LASIK outcome. One thing you don't see mentioned is that the corneal flap they created no longer contributes to the structural integrity of the cornea. The flap also never readheres to the underlying corneal bed, leaving a patient at risk for accidental flap dislocation for the rest of their life. Read about the 20/20 deception Here.
        The risks associated with contact lens wear are in no way comparable to the significant risks associated with LASIK! There are also absolutely no eye related health risks associated with wearing glasses. DO NOT fall victim to this type of predatory advertising. Trying to scare a patient into a medically unnecessary surgery is a disgusting act that should result in the revocation of optometry and ophthalmology licenses.
The Executive Director of the Texas Optometry Board, Chris Kloeris has been notified of Dr. Reichle's failure to follow board rules and the law. View the email here.
Below is the optometry board's response. In my complaint I also requested that my previous cases be reviewed based on the obvious conflict of interest. Of course the board simply stated Randall Reichle was not involved in decisions made regarding my previous complaints. It is quite clear that Mr. Kloeris and the Texas Optometry Board are not effective at protecting the public. The board refuses to enforce its own optometry act and hold its own board members accountable.


Let me answer the above four questions since I have both approximately 20 years of experience with wearing contact lenses and I have had LASIK.

Prior to LASIK I spent a total of about 4 minutes each day rinsing and  inserting or removing my      disposable soft contact lenses. After LASIK I now spend about 30 minutes or more each day cleaning, inserting and removing my scleral lenses every few hours to remove the haze that builds up throughout the day.

Prior to LASIK I did not have to make ANY lifestyle compromises. I could see great out of my disposable soft contact lenses and wear them from morning to bedtime (At least 16 hours) without any issues. I was able to participate in all sports and hobbies. I was boxing prior to having LASIK. After LASIK I can no longer participate in sports such as boxing due to the lifetime risk of corneal flap dislocation that my doctors lied to me about. I can also no longer enjoy my previous hobbies of gunsmithing and target shooting. Other compromises I now make are having to keep the following items with me at all times: a new bottle of preservative free saline solution, a mirror, and a suction cup for removal and insertion of the scleral lenses. Try removing and cleaning your scleral lenses while camping, hiking, on a long road trip, at work, etc.

Prior to LASIK I never found myself on the road without my contact supplies. In fact my disposable contact lenses were so common I could get a pair in an emergency situation from any Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, or from any optometrist and they always had them in stock. After LASIK I require the use of a custom made pair of scleral lenses. If I need a replacement there is one doctor in the United States that can give me a replacement and it will be days or weeks before I receive the new lens.

Prior to having LASIK I experienced 32 years of trouble free vision and approximately 20 years of contact lens wear without a single eye infection ever. After LASIK I have had numerous eye infections, inflammations, and suffer from recurring corneal erosions and dry eye syndrome.

DO NOT let optometrist and ophthalmologists trick you into thinking LASIK is cheaper than contact lenses or glasses and that it will pay for itself in a few years. In the first two and a half years after having LASIK I have spent more on eye care, health care, or other expenses that were directly related to my now permanently damaged vision than I had spent in the previous 32 years of trouble free and correctable vision. I am now faced with a lifetime of vision related problems and can expect to pay orders of magnitude more for my vision care because my vision is now complicated and my corneas are distorted.
Former president of the Texas Medical Association, Bohn Allen, MD, had filed a concern with the Sunset Review Commission with similar observations. He stated "the Optometry Board has been a dismal failure in the area of enforcement: no revocations of license, two written reprimands, five administrative penalties (i.e., money only), and one suspension with probation." ... "The Optometry Board is not meeting its mandate to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. The board needs to focus, or refocus, its efforts to adequately enforce its own statute." ... "Clearly, the Optometry Board is attempting to extend and enlarge its powers to include legislative authority." Read the full letter HERE or view it below.
        There is something very wrong with the health care system in Texas. Board members that were sworn to protect the public are also responsible for the dissemination of false information regarding LASIK safety. If you were duped by Dr. Reichle's false information, leading you to consent to a surgery at Eye Center of Texas that resulted in permanent damage to your vision who would investigate your claim? Would you trust the optometry board  where Dr. Reichle serves as Vice-Chair to perform a proper investigation? Do you trust the Texas Optometry Board to protect you? There should be zero tolerance for dishonest doctors.
Below are screen captures taken from the Eye Center of Texas Website showing the false, misleading, and otherwise inappropriate LASIK advertisement by Eye Center of Texas and Randall Reichle, OD. The FDA warned Eye Center of Texas to remove this material from their website on 12/18/2012
I believe the Texas Optometry Board has retaliated against me by refusing to forward my complaints to Dr. Ballard for his formal response. They do not have to like me, but they do have to enforce the Optometry Act.

Below is their initial response after I filed a complaint against Dr. Ballard for false advertising because he falsely advertises patient satisfaction ratings and has negative reviews removed so they are not displayed.

They never forwarded my complaint to the doctor and I was never provided with his response as they stated I would be. I called the customer service number for DemandForce and within 10 minutes was told by their associate that my review was submitted and that First Eye Care requested that it be removed. The optometry board did not investigate anything. Again they failed to perform their duties and protect the public!