How am I doing today?

This was my life before LASIK. I trained at the local boxing club atleast three days a week, every week, with my coach and friends. This was a big part of my life. I looked forward to training. It made me happy and kept me healthy. I hoped to compete in the Dallas Golden Gloves. Dr. Ballard and Dr. Taub stole that opportunity from me. For the rest of my life I will never be able to safely participate in boxing.They lied to me about being able to box after LASIK.
        I think about what Dr. Ballard and Dr. Taub have done to me every single day. As each day goes by I become more angry and more motivated to ensure that potential patients are aware of their dishonesty. These two doctors lied to me and permanently injured me. They stole the quality of life I used to have. They should not be allowed to continue working with patients. Doctors like Tom Ballard, OD and Larry Robert Taub, MD deserve to rot in a prison cell.

        The results of the two LASIK surgeries I had at First Eye Care Dallas, performed by Dr. Larry Taub and co-managed by Dr. Tom Ballard have both directly and indirectly reduced my ability to pursue many of the career opportunities available to me at my job. My capability to perform my job to it fullest has been decreased as has my ability to enjoy many of the rewards that accompany having a successful career. I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in my education so I could pursue my career goals, hobbies, and live an adventurous life with my wife. The results of my surgeries have ruined my quality of life and have forced me to make many unanticipated lifestyle changes. I have sold much of my shooting and gunsmithing equipment and tools. My boxing equipment fills a closet as I have not yet been able to part with these items. My movie and game collection mostly collects dust, any progress on my project Dodge Dart has come to a near stand still. The results of these surgeries have also significantly affected my overall health. I have not even touched on the emotional toll this has taken and the severe depression it has caused. At the time of the first surgery in March 2010 everything was going well for me. My career was moving the direction I wanted and my wife and I were looking forward to a year of traveling with friends and just getting out and seeing new things. My life has been on hold and has been a perpetual hell since I had the first surgery. It's been one doctor appointment and one expense after another without any resolution. The constant depression and anger eat away at me day and night. I dream about issues with my vision and about all of the things I have been through since the first surgery. I have found limited resources available to help correct my vision and it appears that a solution does not exist. Everyday is a struggle. Life is not fun when you are unable to see well. I am no longer able to enjoy advances in phone and computer displays, new technology for LED and LCD flat panel TVs, and all new LED vehicle tail lights and traffic lights cause tremendous stress for me as the aberrations are magnified due to the brightness.

        I hope my experience will persuade others to stay away from unnecessary surgeries such as LASIK. While the advertised benefits are enticing, the rarely detailed or discussed negative results and everything that accompanies them are a terrible burden to carry. I ask that you think about your family and friends when considering LASIK. They may as well be having this surgery with you because if you have a bad outcome they will suffer as well. If you have already had LASIK and have been lied to and are suffering from damaged vision, I encourage you to publicize you own LASIK Hell. Doing so may not only help with the healing process and allow you to move on with your life, it may save others from falling victim to this unnecessary procedure. I challenge you to take a stand against the dishonest LASIK industry and the dishonest doctors who are harming people everyday and leaving them with permanently damaged corneas. I encourage you to expose their dishonest and illegal tactics.


This is an image of one of my scleral lenses. This is a large diameter rigid plastic lens. The orientation dot can be seen near the bottom edge of the lens. Imagine paying your LASIK doctors more than $3,500 for surgery so that you can trade your cheap, disposable soft lenses in for a set of these. Oh, by the way these lenses will set you back an additional $4,000 and you won't be able to see as well as you could before the surgeon butchered your corneas. Replacement lenses are time consuming and costly.
Below is an image of my eyes in May 2012. More than two years after the first surgery and I still get to wear an eye patch every now an then. This was after being treated for the recurring corneal erosions I now have from LASIK. Every morning when I wake up and open my eyes it feels like I am pulling a piece of tape off of my corneas.
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Below are copies of two receipts totaling $3,500 that I paid out of pocket as I was being fit for my first pair of scleral lenses. I have since paid an additional $500 as the first pairs did not correct my vision and additional evaluation was needed. Insurance does not cover these expenses. Do not be fooled into thinking you can correct your post LASIK vision with glasses or contact lenses. These lenses also require frequent removal and cleaning throughout the day due to debris and haze that build up on them, further limiting my vision. Cleaning and care is also more expensive. I can no longer use generic contact lens solution as I could pre LASIK. I must now use more expensive preservative free saline that is not sold everywhere.