Texas Optometry Board
Below are copies of the consent form I received prior to my first surgery. Notice there is no mention of large pupils or high degree of correction and how they can affect the surgery outcome. This was not disclosed to me until after I had complications from the first surgery. This information was included in the second consent form I received 6 months later, just prior to my LASIK re-treatment. You will also see absolutely no mention of the corneal flap scar that never heals. This is only eluded to in the second consent form. Of course all risks listed were dismissed as no longer occurring. This was of course a lie!

One alternative they conveniently fail to mention is that lenses such as Air Optix are available that patients can wear and sleep in for 30 days. This would have been my choice had I been informed of their existence. 

Highlighted below would have been the perfect location to include important information about pupil size and high amounts of correction and how they contribute these types of nighttime vision issues. Luckily they were nice enough to tell me before I had the second surgery. Why didn't they include this information? Instead they told me these issues no longer occur.
You will see on the next page that the second informed consent that I was given prior to the retreatment was more informative. This document was also shown to have been revise on 02/2008. That's right, it was revised with additional information more than two years prior to my first surgery and they did not disclose this additional information to me until after permanently damaging my vision.