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The links below will provide you with valuable information regarding LASIK and other refractive surgeries. I encourage you to review the links prior to scheduling an appointment for you or someone you love to have a medically unnecessary surgery that could cause permanent vision damage. The first two sites have a wealth of information and many addition good links. I also encourage you to click the LASIK Patient Advocacy link and join to help support others who have been injured and are going through dificult times.

Please feel free to send me a link to your page or video and I will add it here.

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Global Vision Rehabilitation Center Dr. Boshnick specializes in helping correct the vision of post LASIK and RK patients. Dr. Boshnick is also one of the very few doctors with the integrity and courage to speak out against the unethical and destructive LASIK industry.

LASIK Patient Advocacy Network Lasikpatientadvocacynetwork on Causes.com and Facebook * * Please take a few minutes to join this network if you or someone you know has experienced any complications due to LASIK.

LASIK Scandal An excellent website dedicated to providing accurate and unbiased information regarding the LASIK health crises.

lifeafterlasik.com Dean Kantis' Story. A very informative website active supporter of LASIK patient advocacy.

lasikcomplications.com The information contained on this web site is presented for the purpose of warning people about LASIK complications prior to surgery.

LASIK Dangers Exposing the truth and calling to outlaw a dangerous and unnecessary cosmetic surgical procedure.

FDA's LASIK Website Generally informative but falls short of adequately warning prospective patients.

LASIK News Wire LASIK news and information. Press releases, medical studies, special reports.

LASIK Surgery Watch A non-profit LASIK patient advocacy organization, launched in 2008 by a group of LASIK patients and family members of LASIK patients to address an urgent need for improvements in quality of patient care in the practice of LASIK.
In addition to growing our membership, the LASIK Surgery Watch Cause will allow the members of lasiksurgerywatch.org to experience a new level of interactivity. Using the Facebook Cause Application you can: connect and communicate with other members of lasiksurgerywatch.org and find new ways to get involved in the organization; find or start your own support group; get the latest news on our advocacy efforts delivered to you in real time; find new resources; share the LSW Cause with family and friends so that they can get a better understanding of what you are going through by seeing and hearing from other LASIK patients; and build new friendships.

Flawed LASIK

Kathy Griffin LASIK Story Kathy's horrific LASIK procedure depicting her experience with Dr. Robert Maloney (Maloney Vision Institute and Extreme Makeover).

LASIK Scandal One of the most thorough online websites created by a hurt LASIK patient...highlighting over 3,000 cases of bad LASIK outcomes, scientific studies and peer articles/journals citing "permanent known long term LASIK injuries" and pictures of eyes that became "SICK" and "DISEASED" from an elective procedure that wasn't needed in the first place.

LASIK Advisory he ultimate blog of blogs...highlighting an archive of all known LASIK WARNINGS and relevant scientific studies proving LASIK will never be safe.

LASIK Contact Lenses f you are Depressed or Suicidal due to LASIK, there may be help! At the present time there is no cure for many of the LASIK complications. However, there are a number of specialized RGP lenses now available that will allow post-LASIK patients to function on a much higher level with a much greater level of comfort. While there are a number of soft lens and gas permeable lens designs included in the "specialized lens" category, Dr. Edward Boshnick now relies on two major lens designs to address the vision and comfort issues that most post-refractive surgical patients are facing. These lens designs are the new Synergeyes Post-Surgical Lens and Post-Surgical Scleral Lenses. "My experience is that, with a good fit, both types of lenses can substantially reduce the depression and suicidal thoughts that accompany failed LASIK".

LASIK Disaster  The LASIK experience of Sandy Keller, and what she has found regarding the LASIK industry.

LASIK FDA Exposes deceit, corruption, and collusion by the FDA and the LASIK industry.

LASIK Fraud Brent Hanson's personal experience and consumer information relating to the LASIK industry.

LASIK Liberty When you go to the hospital for surgery, the instruments used are sent out for sterilization after each use. Did you know LASIK doctors RE-USE microkeratome blades from one patient to the next? Find out more at this site.

LASIK Memorial This site is dedicated to those whose lives have been damaged or destroyed by refractive surgery.

LASIK NewsWire LASIK news and information. Press releases, medical studies, special reports.

LASIK Report A comprehensive review of the medical literature of LASIK. Examines medical studies which reveal the risks and long-term complications of LASIK. The report concludes that LASIK in an inherently harmful procedure and should be abandoned.

LASIK SOS Roger Bratt's personal experience with LASIK includes studies and other useful information.

MyLASIKstory.com Chronicle of John Hoge's personal experience with his LASIK surgery.

Vision Community Forum Eye Related Vision Forum that illustrates "pictures" of "horrific post LASIK vision to help attorneys win LASIK lawsuits. One of the largest scleral lens practices in the U.S. For severely traumatized corneas, scleral lenses are often the only medical device that will work to provide comfort and vision.

Updegraff LASIK Created by LASIK patient who experienced a life-altering bad outcome, and now doesn't feel LASIK should be advertised without disclosing contraindications, risks, and warnings.

Vision Simulations Trying to explain visually what it looks like to see out of your new Post LASIK vision?  Roger Davis, PHD can prepare vision simulations to help attorneys illustrate your suffering.  The purpose is to help individuals with normal vision understand the visual aberrations that accompany eye injury, various eye diseases and conditions (e.g. Floaters and Keratoconus), and the complications of refractive surgery (i.e., LASIK, LASEK, PRK, IOL surgeries).

Vision Surgery Rehab Network VSRN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to rehabilitation of vision surgery complications and patient advocacy.

Radial Keratotomy Survivors A website dedicated to educate and help RK survivors. Radial Keratotomy (RK) is an early example of optometrists and ophthalmologists deception, lies, and scams aimed at taking advantage of healthy patients and causing lifelong injuries.

Les Dangers Du LASIK LASIK patients from all over the world are working to expose the dangers of LASIK. Regardless of the doctor, geographic location, or time surgery was performed, the side effects are the same. Lives are being ruined all over the world by this unnecessary surgery.

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16x9 Eye Surgery Gone Wrong * Skip to 3:00 mark. Briefly mentions FDA warnings to Eye Center of Texas where Texas Optometry Board Vice-Chair Randall Reichle, OD is a partner.





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