Texas Optometry Board
Tom Ballard, OD of First Eye Care Dallas deceives potential patients and engages in tactics that are dishonest.

Below is a screen capture from the First Eye Care Dallas website taken on 10/14/2012. Tom Ballard advertises as having NO one star reviews. This is false and deceptive advertising. I have had my vision permanently damaged by First Eye Care Dallas. I submitted a one star review that met all requirements at the time it was submitted. As you can see, my one star review is not shown. This is false advertising. Tom Ballard, OD had also lied to me on numerous occasions while I was a patient of his. I have also attached a copy of the email correspondence I had with DemandForce, who handles reviews for First Eye Care Dallas, to show that I indeed did submit a review and contacted them after it was not posted.


Below is a screen capture of my email showing that I did contact DemandForce after my review was not posted.

As a result of the "Ophthalmic Services" provided to me by First Eye Care Dallas I have been living with permanently damaged vision for over two years now. I currently wear a $3,500 pair of custom made scleral lenses to correct my vision so that I can perform most of my job duties. Glasses no longer correct my vision. Prior to receiving their services, I wore disposable soft contact lenses and my vision was sharp, clear, and easily correctable. I am 34 years old and now faced with a lifetime of vision complications. I am unable to perform my job at the level I could prior to receiving their services, and I am unable to participate in many of the hobbies I once enjoyed.

As an injured patient who was lied to on numerous occasions by Tom Ballard, OD of First Eye Care Dallas, and duped into a procedure that permanently ruined my vision, it is unfair that Tom Ballard, OD is permitted to openly advertise false customer satisfaction reviews and ratings. Customer reviews are one of the most important advertising tools and falsifying them is a disgusting act. This is also a violation of the Texas Optometry Act
Sec. 351.403. FALSE, DECEPTIVE, OR MISLEADING ADVERTISING. (a) A person may not publish or display, or cause or permit to be published or displayed, by any means, including by newspaper, radio, television, billboard, or window display, a false, deceptive, or misleading statement or advertisement concerning ophthalmic services or materials. In this subsection, "ophthalmic materials" include lenses, frames, eyeglasses, or contact lenses, or parts of lenses, frames, eyeglasses, or contact lenses.